Blue CAT™ Evergreen Water Solutions

Blue CAT® - Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

Nearly every wastewater conference quietly buzzes with conversation on removal of emerging contaminants such as endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals, and other complex organics from wastewater. Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), sometimes known as endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), are slowly changing the biology of aquatic life around the world. The impact to drinking water quality and human health is a growing concern.

With its proactive development program, Blue Water has positioned itself with effective treatment solutions for these contaminates. When water users and dischargers reach the critical stage where these pollutants must be addressed for economic, social and environmental reasons, Blue Water will equip its partners with the tools needed to mitigate these contaminants with an integral process for wastewater treatment systems. The patented Blue CAT® process is a further enhancement of Blue PRO®, delivering enhanced results in phosphorus and metals removal, as well as mitigation of dissolved species such as hormones, anti- psychotics, and other pharmaceutical products that have experienced a rising presence in human and industrial wastewaters.

The Blue CAT® System

The Blue CAT® process has been implemented on flows up to 150 gpm, with much larger municipal installations in design. Representative studies have been conducted by Blue Water and third parties including U.S. Universities and the U.S. EPA. Results demonstrate a high percentage reduction of estrogenic compounds and pharmaceutical surrogates monitored in the studies. Up to 75% TOC reduction, disinfection to < 2 CFU/100 mL, color removal, turbidity reduction to 0.1-0.3 ntu, and 95% total phosphorus removal was consistently achieved with Blue CAT®

How It Works

The Blue CAT® process combines reactive filtration, known as Blue PRO®, with an advanced oxidation process (AOP).

Blue PRO® is capable of advanced phosphorus and metals removal to any level including the lowest limits of detection. Since Blue PRO® is an adsorptive process, technology is not limited by bulk diffusion properties, but rather by reaction equilibrium between the contaminate species and the expansive adsorptive surface area of the filtration media. Blue CAT® further enhances the benefits of Blue PRO® in coupling the effects of advanced oxidation processes. AOPs provide a mechanism for destructive removal of micropollutants and pathogens. Typical AOPs applied to water treatment include combinations of UV, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, Fenton’s reagent, etc. The typical AOP chemistry for Blue CAT® involves ferric chemical addition with ozone.

Reliable and Effective

In providing Blue CAT®, Blue Water partners to supply the most advanced ozone generators available. Integrating our Blue ZONE™ product line of ozone generation equipment, Blue CAT® systems are fully configured with oxygen generation, safety instrumentation, and environmental hygiene controls and monitoring. Blue Water’s proprietary control systems are designed for modular support of all subsystems, key to the seamless integration of Blue CAT® into partner treatment systems.

Blue Water provides fully integrated systems for Blue CAT® as well as stand-alone, turnkey Blue ZONE™ solutions for ozone disinfection.