Blue PRO® Evergreen Water Solutions

Blue PRO® Advanced Phosphorous Removal

Blue Water Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader in the development of technologies for phosphorus removal from wastewater. With advanced control techniques and patented nutrient removal systems, Blue Water can provide you with a cost effective solution to meet your phosphorus level needs.

The Blue PRO® system provides a unique approach to chemical dosing, with significantly lower chemical use across the entire wastewater treatment plant than competitors. No other chemical dosing is required in the plant to achieve the lowest phosphorus discharge requirements. Current Blue PRO® installations are meeting permit limits as low as 0.05 mg/L with a chemical dose of only 10 mg/L as Fe. Blue Water’s unique chemical control system provides an advantage due to its cost efficiency and ability to seamlessly integrate into and respond to the needs of existing wastewater treatment systems. The chemical dose used in Blue PRO® is so much lower than the competition that the comparative savings represent a return on the capital investment in less than three years..

Blue PRO® is the leading technology for phosphorus reduction to any level. Whether the targeted phosphorus discharge limit is 10 mg/L P or as low as 0.01 mg/L, Blue PRO® can provide reductions in chemical usage, equipment footprint, and associated operations and maintenance costs over alternative technologies. Blue PRO® is the most effective and most inexpensive tertiary treatment solution where additional considerations are needed, such as denitrification or metals removal.

The Blue PRO® System

How does Blue PRO® work? Using Blue Water’s Centra-flo™ continuous backwash gravity sand filters, a unique control system, and the patented Blue PRO® process for reactive filtration, phosphorus is removed from wastewater streams through an array of processes, but most importantly by the mechanism of adsorption.

Blue Water’s reactive filtration process overcomes a critical obstacle to achieving efficient phosphorus removal in bulk aqueous solutions by providing reactive surface sites within the media bed, resulting in forced contact of chemical species with high adsorptive capacity. The adsorptive surface in Blue PRO® filters is a continuously regenerated hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) coating that forms on the surface of the sand media. Coagulation followed by filtration simply cannot compare to the efficiency of adsorptive phosphorus removal.

Waste HFO, phosphorus, and solids are removed from the filter through the backwash or reject stream. Recycling this reject upstream provides the added benefit of removing phosphorus in plant clarification systems, further guaranteeing the achievement of the discharge phosphorus target as well as lowering the chemical dose. The phosphorus is chemically bound, leaving the plant with the sludge, rather than releasing in effluent streams or digestion. Integration of Blue Water’s phosphorus removal technology does not require change in the plant's sludge handling system. Blue PRO® uses over 30% less chemical than other technologies, therefore producing less sludge. The waste HFO also helps with odour control and can reduce water content in bio solids.

The Blue PRO® system is available in several models and configurations. The modular nature of the filters allows easy system expansion. The filters are available as freestanding fiberglass or stainless steel units or as in-ground concrete cells. Control systems and smaller filters may be mounted on skid systems for mobility or ease of commissioning.